Resource scalr_environment

Manage the state of environments in Scalr. Creates, updates and destroys.

Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "scalr_environment" "test" {
  name       = "test-env"
  account_id = "acc-<id>"
  cost_estimation_enabled = true
  cloud_credentials = ["cred-xxxxx", "cred-yyyyy"]
  policy_groups = ["pgrp-xxxxx", "pgrp-yyyyy"]
  default_provider_configurations = ["pcfg-xxxxx", "pcfg-yyyyy"]

Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Name of the environment.
  • account_id - (Optional) ID of the environment account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>
  • cost_estimation_enabled - (Optional) Set (true/false) to enable/disable cost estimation for the environment. Default true.
  • cloud_credentials - (Deprecated)(Optional) List of the environment cloud-credentials IDs, in the format cred-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • policy_groups - (Optional) List of the environment policy-groups IDs, in the format pgrp-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • default_provider_configurations - (Optional) List of IDs of provider configurations, used in the environment workspaces by default.
  • tag_ids - (Optional) List of tag IDs associated with the environment.


All arguments plus:

  • id - The environment ID, in the format env-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • created_by - Details of the user that created the environment.
  • status - The status of the environment.

The created_by block contains:

  • username - Username of creator.
  • email - Email address of creator.
  • full_name - Full name of creator.