Data Source scalr_policy_group

Retrieves the details of a policy group by the name and account_id.

Example Usage

data "scalr_policy_group" "example" {
  name           = "instance_types"
  account_id     = "acc-xxxxxxxxx"

Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) The name of a policy group.
  • account_id - (Optional) The identifier of the Scalr account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>.

Attribute Reference

All arguments plus:

  • id - An identifier of the policy group.
  • status - A system status of the policy group.
  • error_message - An error details if Scalr failed to process the policy group.
  • opa_version - The version of the Open Policy Agent that the policy group is using.
  • vcs_provider_id - The VCS provider idenitfier for the repository where the policy group resides. In the format vcs-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • vcs_repo - Contains VCS-related meta-data for the policy group.
  • policies - A list of the OPA policies the policy group verifies each run.
  • environments - A list of the environments the policy group is linked to.

The vcs_repo object contains:

  • identifier - A reference to the VCS repository in the format :org/:repo, it stands for the organization and repository.
  • branch - A branch of a repository the policy group is associated with.
  • path - A subdirectory of a VCS repository where OPA policies are stored.

A policies list contains definitions of OPA policies in the following form:

  • name - A name of a policy.
  • enabled - If set to false, the policy will not be verified on a run.
  • enforced_level - An enforcement level of a policy.