Data Source scalr_role

This data source is used to retrieve details of a single role.

Example Usage

To retrieve a custom role, an account id and role id (or name) are required, for example:

data "scalr_role" "example" {
  id         = "role-xxxxxxx"
  account_id = "acc-xxxxxxx"
data "scalr_role" "example" {
  name       = "WorkspaceAdmin"
  account_id = "acc-xxxxxxx"

To retrieve system-managed roles an account id has to be omitted, for example:

data "scalr_role" "example" {
  name = "user"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • id - (Optional) ID of the role.
  • name - (Optional) Name of the role.
  • account_id - (Optional) ID of the account.

Arguments id and name are both optional, specify at least one of them to obtain scalr_role.

Attribute Reference

All arguments plus:

  • permissions - Array of permission names.
  • is_system - Boolean indicates if the role can be edited.
  • description - Verbose description of the role.