Resource scalr_module

Manages the state of a module in the Private Modules Registry. Create and destroy operations are available only.

Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "scalr_module" "example" {
  account_id      = "acc-xxxxxxxxx"
  environment_id  = "env-xxxxxxxxx"
  vcs_provider_id = "vcs-xxxxxxxxx"
  vcs_repo {
      identifier          = "org/repo"
      path                = "example/terraform-<provider>-<name>"
      tag_prefix          = "aws/"

Argument Reference

  • vcs_provider_id - (Required) The identifier of a VCS provider in the format vcs-<RANDOM STRING>

  • account_id - (Optional) The identifier of the account in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>. If it is not specified the module will be registered globally and available across the whole installation.

  • environment_id - (Optional) The identifier of an environment in the format env-<RANDOM STRING>. If it is not specified the module will be registered at the account level and available across all environments within the account specified in account_id attribute.

  • vcs_repo - (Required) Source configuration of a VCS repository

    The vcs_repo block supports:

    • identifier - (Required) The identifier of a VCS repository in the format :org/:repo (:org/:project/:name is used for Azure DevOps). It refers to an organization and a repository name in a VCS provider.
    • path - (Optional) The path to the root module folder. It Is expected to have the format '/terraform-<provider_name>-<module_name>', where <path> stands for any folder within the repository inclusively a repository root.
    • tag_prefix - (Optional) Registry ignores tags which do not match specified prefix, e.g. aws/.

Attribute Reference

All arguments plus:

  • id - The identifier of a module in the format mod--<RANDOM STRING>.

  • module_provider - Module provider name, e.g aws, azurerm, google, etc.

  • name - Name of the module, e.g. rds, compute, kubernetes-engine

  • source - The source of a remote module in the private registry, e.g env-xxxx/aws/vpc


To import a module use the module ID as the import ID. For example:

terraform import scalr_module.example mod-tk4315k3lofu4i0