Data Source scalr_provider_configurations

Retrieves a list of provider configuration ids by name or type.

Example Usage

data "scalr_provider_configurations" "aws" {
  name = "in:aws_dev,aws_demo,aws_prod"

data "scalr_provider_configurations" "google" {
  provider_name = "google"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Optional) The query used in a Scalr provider configuration name filter.
  • provider_name - (Optional) The name of a Terraform provider.
  • account_id - (Optional) The identifier of the Scalr account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>.

Attribute Reference

All arguments plus:

  • ids - The list of provider configuration IDs, in the format [pcfg-xxxxxxxxxxx, pcfg-yyyyyyyyy].