Create an Agent Pool

Create a new agent pool resource.

Agent pools can be created at the account or environment scope. The scope must be
defined as part of the agent pool creation. If a pool is created at the account scope,
all environments and workspaces within those environments will have access to use the pool.
If a pool is created at the environment scope, then only the workspaces in that environment
can use that pool.

The typical flow for configuring a new agent pool involves the following operations:

  • Create an agent pool
  • Create an access token for the
    pool. The pool token is needed by an agent in order to join the agent pool. During the
    agent<->server handshake phase, the API server will generate a unique session token for
    each agent which will be used for all communication with the API server.
  • Install/Configure an agent on the customer's network.
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