What IPs need to be whitelisted for Scalr access?

The IPs that will need to be whitelisted for scalr.io are listed in this API endpoint .

Also, you can automate the process with Terraform by adding a code snippet below to your template:

data "http" "ips-allowlist" {
  url = "https://scalr.io/.well-known/allowlist.txt"

locals {
  ips_allowlist = split("\n", trimspace(data.http.ips-allowlist.body))

Can my Scalr account be limited to specific IPs?

Yes, to improve security, users have the ability to allow only specific public IPs/CIDRs to access their Scalr account. If the request issuer is out of the approved list, the request will be blocked. Currently, the feature is only available in the Scalr API and provider.