Resource: scalr_slack_integration

Manage the state of Slack integrations in Scalr. Create, update and destroy.

-> Note Slack workspace should be connected to Scalr account before using this resource.

Example Usage

resource "scalr_slack_integration" "test" {
  name         = "my-channel"
  account_id   = "acc-xxxxxxxxxx"
  events       = ["run_approval_required", "run_success", "run_errored"]
  run_mode     = "apply"
  channel_id   = "xxxxxxxxxx" # Can be found in slack UI (channel settings/info popup)
  environments = ["env-xxxxxxxxxx"]
  workspaces   = ["ws-xxxxxxxxxx", "ws-yyyyyyyyyy"]



  • channel_id (String) Slack channel ID the event will be sent to.
  • environments (Set of String) List of environments where events should be triggered.
  • events (Set of String) Terraform run events you would like to receive a Slack notifications for. Supported values are run_approval_required, run_success, run_errored.
  • name (String) Name of the Slack integration.


  • account_id (String) ID of the account.
  • run_mode (String) What type of runs should be reported, available options: all, apply, dry.
  • workspaces (Set of String) List of workspaces where events should be triggered. Workspaces should be in provided environments. If no workspace is given for a specified environment, events will trigger in all of its workspaces.


  • id (String) The ID of this resource.


Import is supported using the following syntax:

terraform import scalr_slack_integration.example in-xxxxxxxxxx