Data Source: scalr_workspaces

Retrieves a list of workspace ids by name or tags.

Example Usage

data "scalr_workspaces" "exact-names" {
  name = "in:production,development"

data "scalr_workspaces" "app-frontend" {
  name           = "like:app-frontend-"
  environment_id = "env-xxxxxxxxxx"

data "scalr_workspaces" "tagged" {
  tag_ids = ["tag-xxxxxxxxxx", "tag-xxxxxxxxxx"]

data "scalr_workspaces" "all" {
  environment_id = "env-xxxxxxxxxx"



  • account_id (String) ID of the account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • environment_id (String) ID of the environment, in the format env-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • name (String) The query used in a Scalr workspace name filter.
  • tag_ids (Set of String) List of tag IDs associated with the workspace.


  • id (String) The ID of this resource.
  • ids (List of String) The list of workspace IDs, in the format [ws-xxxxxxxxxxx, ws-yyyyyyyyy].