Data Source: scalr_provider_configuration

Retrieves information about a single provider configuration.

Example Usage

data "scalr_provider_configuration" "aws" {
  id = "pcfg-xxxxxxxxxx"

data "scalr_provider_configuration" "aws_dev" {
  name = "aws_dev"

data "scalr_provider_configuration" "azure" {
  provider_name = "azurerm"



  • account_id (String) The identifier of the Scalr account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • id (String) The provider configuration ID, in the format pcfg-xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • name (String) The name of a Scalr provider configuration.
  • provider_name (String) The name of a Terraform provider.


  • environments (List of String) The list of environment identifiers that the provider configuration is shared to, or ["*"] if shared with all environments.
  • owners (List of String) The teams, the provider configuration belongs to.