A service account access key within the project is required for the Google Cloud provider. This is most easily with the JSON file being uploaded into Scalr

Create the Credential

Navigate to API & Services -> Credentials in the Google console.


Click on a Service Account or create one.

Add a key.

Choose JSON and Create.

Create the Provider Configuration

Once you have the JSON file, it can be uploaded into Scalr:


Provider example:

resource "scalr_provider_configuration" "google" {
 name       = "google_main"
  account_id = "acc-xxxxxxxxx"
  google {
    project     = "my-project"
    credentials = "my-credentials"

The above is an example, please see the full provider documentation here.

Enabling the Google Beta Provider

To use the configuration provider with the Google beta provider, you must enable the "export credentials as shell variables" option.