Resource: scalr_provider_configuration_default

Manage defaults of provider configurations for environments in Scalr. Create and destroy.

-> Note To make the provider configuration default, it must be shared with the specified environment. See the definition of the resource scalr_provider_configuration and attribute environments to learn more.

Example Usage

resource "scalr_provider_configuration_default" "example" {
  environment_id            = "env-xxxxxxxxxx"
  provider_configuration_id = "pcfg-xxxxxxxxxx"



  • environment_id (String) ID of the environment, in the format env-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • provider_configuration_id (String) ID of the provider configuration, in the format pcfg-<RANDOM STRING>.


  • id (String) The ID of the provider configuration default. It is a combination of the environment and provider configuration IDs in the format env-xxxxxxxx/pcfg-xxxxxxxx


Import is supported using the following syntax:

terraform import scalr_provider_configuration_default.example env-xxxxxxxxxx/pcfg-xxxxxxxxxx