Data Source: scalr_service_account

Retrieves information about a service account.

Example Usage

data "scalr_service_account" "example1" {
  id         = "sa-xxxxxxxxxx"
  account_id = "acc-xxxxxxxxxx"

data "scalr_service_account" "example2" {
  email      = "[email protected]"
  account_id = "acc-xxxxxxxxxx"



  • account_id (String) ID of the account, in the format acc-<RANDOM STRING>.
  • email (String) The email of the service account.
  • id (String) The identifier of the service account in the format sa-<RANDOM STRING>.


  • created_by (List of Object) Details of the user that created the service account. (see below for nested schema)
  • description (String) Description of the service account.
  • name (String) Name of the service account.
  • owners (List of String) The teams, the service account belongs to.
  • status (String) The status of the service account.

Nested Schema for created_by


  • email (String)
  • full_name (String)
  • username (String)