Custom Providers

Don't see a provider that you use listed in Scalr? Maybe you want to use the Datadog provider to create a dashboard or the GitHub provider to create a new repo. This is where custom providers come into play. The custom providers functionality gives you the ability to use any Terraform or OpenTofu provider by adding arguments for each credential field needed by the provider.

First, add the name and provider name for the configuration. Once saved, you will be prompted to add the parameters needed for authentication:


The provider configuration will automatically be injected into the run once it is shared with an environment.

Here is an example using the Scalr provider to manage a Kubernetes provider configuration:

resource "scalr_provider_configuration" "kubernetes" {
  name            = "k8s"
  account_id      = "acc-xxxxxxxxx"
  custom {
    provider_name = "kubernetes"
    argument {
      name        = "host"
      value       = "my-host"
      description = "The hostname (in form of URI) of the Kubernetes API."
    argument {
      name        = "username"
      value       = "my-username"
    argument {
      name        = "password"
      value       = "my-password"
      sensitive   = true

The above is an example, please see the full provider documentation here.