Integrating with a VCS provider unlocks the ability to use GitOps workflows, import modules, enable Open Policy Agent, and much more.

Before working through the authentication flow, the user who does the authentication needs at least the maintainer role in Gitlab to be able to pull back the repositories into Scalr.

To enable GitLab, go to the "Integrations" page at the account scope and select GitLab or Gitlab Enterprise (on-prem). Enter the provider name and, for Enterprise, the URL.

Copy the callback URL, click the “register a new OAuth application” link, and register a new OAuth app in Gitlab. Enable the following permissions in the application configuration:

  • Confidential
  • api
  • read_repository
  • profile

For Gitlab Enterprise check these options in the network settings (Admin Area):

  • Allow requests to the local network from webhooks and services
  • Allow requests to the local network from system hooks

Save and then copy the Application ID and Secret:

Go back to Scalr, enter the Id and secret. Upon clicking “create” a redirection back to Gitlab occurs to complete the authorization.