OpenTofu FAQ

Hashicorp decided to change its license model on all of its products on August 10th, 2023, which resulted in the creation of OpenTofu. The OpenTofu initiative is a rapidly evolving effort and we know many of you have questions about OpenTofu in general as well as how Scalr will interact with it. We will continue to update this doc with questions and answers as things evolve:

What is OpenTofu?

Please find all information about OpenTofu here.

Can I use OpenTofu?

Sure! You can execute a run in Scalr using the GA version (1.6.0).

Can I still use Terraform in Scalr?

All versions of Terraform between 0.14.x and 1.5.x are supported as they are under the MPL license. There is no legal risk at all to use these versions.

Can I use versions of Terraform that are higher than 1.5.x?

Please use OpenTofu for anything higher than 1.5.x.

Will OpenTofu be compatible with Terraform?

The goal is to make OpenTofu compatible with Terraform until the community decides otherwise.

Will there be versions of OpenTofu to match Terraform versions lower than 1.5.x?

No, you can continue to use Terraform versions between 0.14.x and 1.5.x, and then OpenTofu for any higher versions.

How will OpenTofu be governed to avoid something like this happening again?

Update: OpenTofu has been accepted in the Linux Foundation, which is an impartial foundation that ensures open source projects are adopted at scale.

When will the first release of OpenTofu be?

The GA release of OpenTofu occurred on January 10th, 2024.

Where is the OpenTofu project maintained?

Please find the OpenTofu repo here.

How do these changes impact Scalr pricing?

Scalr has no plans to license Terraform from HashiCorp as the proposed reseller model does not allow us to effectively build and maintain a product and business. Scalr does not intend to change its pricing model. Our packaging and pricing is set up for long-term success for our customers and us as a business. Our goal is to make sure you continue to operate on Terraform up until the point you choose to upgrade beyond Terraform 1.5.6 and have an easy path to leveraging OpenTofu without a financial or operational impact.