Why do I need the Scalr hierarchy ?

The Scalr hierarchical model is one of the key differentiators of Scalr that helps businesses of all sizes scale their Terraform usage. At Scalr, our goal is to help you centralize your Terraform administration and decentralize the Terraform operations. What does this mean:

Things that should be centralized in the account scope:

  • IAM (RBAC, Teams, Users)
  • OPA Policies
  • Module Registry (Required modules)
  • Cross Account Reporting
  • Provider Credentials
  • VCS providers
  • Shared Variables

Things that should be decentralized at the environment scope:

  • Workspaces
  • Workspace orchestration and scheduling
  • Run execution
  • Module Registry (Team/App specific modules)

By centralizing the administration, the administrative team can ensure the developers are deploying their Terraform in a controlled manner while also having visibility over it. This then allows the developer teams to increase their velocity by managing their workflows within Scalr environments without interruption.